Rogues Gallery part 1

Drawing pictures of Trump and his associates from unflattering news photos in my sketchbook has been enjoyable and cathartic.


This was done with a drying-up brush pen which I moistened with spit to finish the shading, which is deliberately sloppy, and a marker pen to fill in the blacks. The source photo is one that Trump purportedly hates. I really like the varied line from the dried-up brush pen.


Marker pen and grey brush markers. I only slightly exaggerated the neck bulges. Again, deliberately messy shading. Not sure if I’m a fan of the heavy line on this


This isn’t a successful drawing, I think. By exaggerating all their features, it blunts the impact that I could have achieved by only exaggerating a key feature, which in this case would be their eyes. This was a good exercise in shading with the grey brush markers, though.


Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. Here’s an example of where slight emphasis on a few key details gets the point across. This was done at smaller scale. If I were doing this for a client I would have taken greater care with the crosshatching on the jacket, but I’m pretty happy with it on the face.